About Us

Retirement Plan Specialists, Inc. (RPS) is a professional organization providing administrative, actuarial, and consulting services in the area of tax qualified pension and profit sharing plans to employers of all sizes, whether operating as corporations, partnerships or sole proprietorships. Programs are individually tailored to suit the unique objectives of our clients to meet short and long term needs in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

At RPS, all work is done in-house by our staff of consultants and actuaries, backed by a network of support service personnel and state-of-the-art computer systems. All of our clients’ important information is compiled and analyzed in our office to assure accuracy and confidentiality.

As time goes on, businesses change. Additional employees, changing profit pictures and shifting goals require periodic review and adjustments to the programs. Changes also occur in governmental rules and regulations. The RPS staff continually monitors these changes and prepares alternatives for the specific programs as necessary.

Our Mission Statement
To design, implement and administer retirement and other tax advantaged programs to meet the needs of employers.

Our Vision Statement
To work within the tax code to provide the best available tax savings program while applying God’s principals of integrity and honesty.

Our Core Values
To provide a quality product that: